Books I Loved As A Kid

Meaning Beyond Words

Do you remember the books that got you hooked on reading? The ones that once you picked it up you couldn’t stop reading until it was done? Harry Potter was definitely that for me, but I was a bookworm before the HP series even came out. These are the books that made me a lifelong reader.


I adored the Goosebumps series. I’m fairly certain this was the first book series I ever read. On one of our many trips to Disney World (you can read more about my love for DW here), there was a stage show going on that was filled with Goosebumps characters. There was Slappy the ventriloquist dummy, the mummy, and the giant rat that ate everyone. There was a magic show (that I totally participated in) and a mirrored maze. There was one part of the maze where the mummy jumped out and scared me. Naturally, I cried, and the mummy gave me the biggest hug and walked through the rest of the maze with me.

I know not everyone can have that kind of experience, but that stage show made the characters real for me. I was invested in the books before, but after that I was even more hooked. Every time I would go to my elementary school library or there was a book fair, I would get a Goosebumps book.


Speaking of book fairs, I received Ella Enchanted from my 5th grade book fair. I remember my school had prize baskets, one for each grade. I was the lucky winner for the whole entire 5th grade. Ella Enchanted was in my basket, along with bookmarks and pencils and erasers. I’m fairly certain that EE was one of the first books that got me into fantasy novels (well, that and the following book).


I don’t know if I’d qualify Redwall as a regular fiction book or a young adult book; either way, Redwall was one of the first “non-kid” books that I read. Sadly, I have not finished this series, but one day I will! I always felt drawn to fairy tale fantasies. I loved the stories of knights in shining armor saving the princess. I loved Redwall because not only was it that kind of story, but it was cute little animals.

I want to go back to these books and reread them. Hopefully the magic that drew me to them in the first place will still be there. Plus, I can introduce them to my son. He’s fascinated with books and being read to, so when he’s older I think he’ll get a kick out of them.

What were your favorite books as a kid?


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